For the last 35 years we have in JJ Film been making use of our close understanding of and interest in creative personalities, as we follow unusual characters from Denmark’s creative and artistic world to create living and thoughtful portrait films. In our films, the artist shows the world who they are, and we show the world what the individual is capable of.

Painters, musicians, designers, and great minds: From writers and painters Hans Scherfig and Her Majesty Queen Margrethe to big contemporary artists such as Olafur Eliasson and Danh Vo.

JJ Film specializes in the unique story created in collaboration with the artists and creative people that trust our ability to translate their thoughts and work into a story in a motion picture. Films, that in a beautiful and examining way reveals a hidden universe for the broad audience to discover, by creating the proper cinematic settings for the portrayed to speak for themselves and their artwork.

With our films we seek to give a special insight into creative and innovative persons, which allows the audience to get spellbound by each person’s original mind. An insight, where complex ideas and thoughts are translated into pictures and words as we create films in the meeting with each individual human being.